Wealth Dynamics Masters

13th - 19th October 2024

9th - 18th October 2024

Transform Your Business on the Beautiful Island of Bali
Every year in October, we host two of our signature events, Wealth Dynamics Masters and the Crystal Circle Conference, on the stunning island of Bali. These events, led by renowned entrepreneur and thought leader Roger Hamilton, have been the cornerstone of growth for over 1000 business owners worldwide.

Imagine a world where humanity finds unity in its diversity, where every individual's unique genius is not just acknowledged but celebrated. At GeniusU, we're on a mission to turn this vision into a reality.

Come and join us for 5 days where you will work on your business without any interruptions, put a full comprehensive business plan that covers every element of your concept and ensure that you use your superpower to make sure your wealth is not an accident.


Exclusive Insights and Strategies:

Gain access to cutting-edge business strategies and insights that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their businesses using ancient principles of energy, wealth and success.

Networking with Like-Minded Leaders:

Connect with a community of successful business owners and thought leaders. Forge partnerships, exchange ideas, and expand your network in an inspiring environment.

Personal and Professional Growth:

Experience transformative sessions that focus on both personal and professional development. Enhance your leadership skills, improve your personal brand, and unlock new opportunities.

A Unique Experience in Paradise:

Our events are not just conferences; they are immersive experiences set in the idyllic surroundings of Bali. Enjoy the perfect blend of learning, networking, and relaxation.


Most of us as Entrepreneurs, who have started a business, have faced issues at some point in our growth. It could be, how do you double in size and turnover. How to get from a local business to global business. How to attract and find the right investors. Maybe it's how to find and build a high performance team or maybe as for many of us, it's what is the right model for this business in order to let it still grow exponentially during incredibly difficult economic trading times. We have all faced these growth issues as we want to continue to scale our businesses.

Once you realize what you have today, is 100% the result of what you have already designed - and will stick with you for as long as you keep working within this design - at some point you know you will need to take the time out to redesign to get the new outcome you want. Whether it's a bicycle, racing car or space ship, each is designed with different tolerances to create different performance levels. Businesses are the same.

My Wealth Dynamics Masters programme allows you to create a whole new possibility for your existing business. This 5 day intensive incubator will allow you to scale your business digitally, for continuous and sometimes exponential growth in the next 12 months.


Transform Your Mindset

This signature annual event will elevate your level of thinking, enabling you to view your enterprise from a fresh, innovative perspective. You'll develop a visionary mindset that empowers you to identify new opportunities and overcome challenges with confidence.

Comprehensive Business Planning

Walk away with a complete and thorough plan for your enterprise that covers every aspect of your unique concept. You'll receive a detailed priority plan and a step-by-step strategy, ensuring you know exactly what to focus on each quarter, month, and week to achieve your business goals.

Expert Mentorship

Spend five full days with Roger Hamilton and a panel of highly experienced mentors who specialize in various areas of expertise. These experts will share their mastery and provide personalized guidance, helping you to refine your strategies and tactics.

High-Performance Transformation

Recreate your existing enterprise into a high-performance rocket ship designed to skyrocket your results over the next 12 months. Learn how to implement systems and processes that drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainable growth.

Strategic Execution

Gain clarity on the exact steps needed to execute your enterprise plan effectively. You'll leave with a clear roadmap that outlines your priorities and actions, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your specific objectives.

Come and create a fully digital proof model and plan for 2025 and the next 12 months ahead with us!


Over five days you will work with our top faculty members, discovering incredibly innovative and cutting edge strategies, that allow you to create a high impact profitable model for 2024 and beyond. Each Faculty Member has hands-on experience in running multi-million dollar promotions in their own business.

who is the programme best for?

If you have an existing business that you are looking to massively scale up in the next 12 months.

If you are looking for investment and ways to attract the right top talent to your company.

If you have a great idea and you want to start this business with the potential to be $1M within the first 1-2 years.

If you Know your business could be at least double its
size if you just had the right model and mentoring.


Live in Bali from 13th - 18th October 2024

Wealth Dynamics Masters will get you to a full and comprehensive digital business plan covering every element of your business concept, a priority plan and a step-by-step strategy to ensure your wealth is not an accident. Roger Hamilton and a panel of other mentors will lead the exclusive group of entrepreneurs who join the program. This programme has run for many years in our popular resorts and always sells out quickly.

It doesn't end here! With all of the Wealth Dynamics Masters Bonuses alone, you will be in flow to get the additional attention and support to grow your business with a plan for success. This time, we've taken things a step higher.

Over $10,000 of value included

Comprehensive Business Planning for 5 days($15,000 worth of value)

  • A 5 day transformational program where you get to connect with the community while working on your business plan.
  • You will be mentored on your 8 key promises, Enterprise Promise, Customer Promise, Network Promise, Partner Promise, Market Promise, Investor Promise, Systems Promise and Social Promise.
  • On the 5th day you present these promises via a Press Conference to all mentors and participants of the program.

Connect with 950,000+ Members:

  • Promote your services, create paid courses, host events, and sell products. Earn Commissions: Track earnings on your personalized dashboard.

Genius Metaversity (Valued at $970)

  • One-Year Membership: Access the Genius Educator Metaversity programme run by Roger James Hamilton where you are learning principles ahead of the market.

Wealth Dynamics 5.0 Tokens (Valued at $194)

  • 2 tokens for Wealth Dynamics, offering personalised guidance on leveraging your natural talents and instincts for success in entrepreneurship .


Live in Bali: 13 - 19 Oct 2024

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Wealth Dynamics Masters is for you if you have a business that is generating consistent revenues of between $15- $100K+ per month and you want to create a fully digital decade proof model allowing you to double your growth in 2024 while many are breaking even. The microschool is run over 5 days in Bali, with our top Wealth Dynamics Masters who will be there to mentor you and support your business plan creation.

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Come and create a fully digital proof model and plan for 2025 and beyond with us!

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